Grace, mercy and peace be to you from God our Father and from our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! Amen.

What a week! In the middle of everything else God has decided to bring us a tornado…what was He thinking!!

Some of you may have had thoughts like that. God doesn’t like me; God is looking for an excuse to punish me; why me Lord?

Some of you may have already heard, but we had water come in under our front door and in through the garage during the storm that brought the tornado last Friday night. So, in the dark (the power was out) around 10:30 p.m. we were up with towels and blankets, mopping up the water. Even though we stopped it in the hallway, the water was absorbed into the walls and even went under the walls into the bathroom, closets and Joshua’s bedroom.

The insurance adjuster told us that it was considered category 3 damage to 2/3rds of our house. The water is considered hazardous since there is no telling what it went through before coming into our home. This also means that anything the water touched, is considered contaminated. Why me Lord!

Imagine my surprise when I opened up My Daily Bread devotion for today (05/27) and saw the title: “Why Me?” and begins with Job 7:20b: “Why have you made me your mark? Why have I become a burden to you?” The devotional focuses around Job 7:17-21 and makes the very good point that of all people that have ever walked the earth that Job had the best reason to ask: “Why me Lord?”

We don’t always know why and to tell the truth, I’m not sure we could handle the answer of God’s why. Read Job 26 about the majesty of God and see if you think you could even comprehend the immensity of His majesty.

So, God provided a way for our salvation that we don’t have to try and comprehend how great He is. He sent His Son as a human being. Jesus Christ, true God yet true man. Jesus came as God with skin on. A Savior we could see and touch. One that was hungry, thirsty, was tempted, faced trials, felt pain, and even faced death, just like the rest of us… and He prevailed. Jesus faced sin, death and the power of the devil and was victorious. He didn’t do it for His glory or to show off, but Jesus did it all for you!

Moreover, He has never abandoned us. He promises to be with us always! (Matt 28:20)

So, as our community experienced the F1 tornado, Jesus was with us. There were no major injuries or fatalities, only property damage. Yes, tragic and very hard to work through but things can be replaced, lives cannot. People came out of the woodwork to help their neighbors. Our downed trees were taken care of by some of our members, but they moved on for our church to help others also. The Texas District LCMS Disaster Response Team sent a trained “chainsaw” crew to Bowie. Crews came from all over the state to help in recovery. Strangers helping strangers, with no expectations of ever being paid back. Guess why they came? They were a part of God providing for His people. Whether they came from a government agency or whether they came from a church body, they were provided by God. He is far above us, but He never forgets us or abandons us.

Even in the pandemic response and quarantines, God is with us and we still see how He is using this virus response for the furtherance of His kingdom. He didn’t cause it but He is using it. Consider how we are live casting our worship services. We have been reaching over 200 people each week through Facebook Live. Even though we have resumed public church services for the last three weeks, with 50-60 total people in attendance, last Sunday we still had over 250 watching online. The Gospel is being proclaimed! Even more people are hearing the Gospel than before the pandemic began. And we are not alone. President Michael Newman said that this is happening all over the Texas District. I have not received any data from the Synod, but if it is happening in Texas, it would stand to reason that it is happening all over the country.

I spoke to a grandmother today and she told me of her experience with COVID-19 that may help put this into perspective. A couple of months ago she had gone to visit her daughter in New York to help with the arrival if her new granddaughter.

Guess what. Mom and newborn daughter came home infected with COVID-19. Before they knew it, the father and little brother became infected and then grandma and grandpa came down with the virus. They quarantined the entire family. Mom and daughter were in the basement. Father and son on the ground floor of the house and grandma and grandpa were upstairs. For five weeks! Can you imagine being in this situation?

She told me that they felt God’s presence, even in quarantine. They were able to worship “together” through the internet, watching the same worship service. Was it perfect? Was it what they expected to be doing when welcoming a newborn child? Well of course not!

But God did not abandon them? A big no! They were able to worship, the were able to be built up, being fed with spiritual food of God’s Word. They were very thankful to have the opportunity to worship at home. It didn’t replace in person worship, gathering with fellow members of the body of Christ but when someone can’t be in public worship it is a blessing to gather, even from a distance, around the Word of God and to hear the glorious Gospel.


God’s continued blessings to you all!

Pastor K


Public Worship and Weekly Bible Studies Have Resumed

As things slowly return to normal in our state we will be following Governor Abbott’s guidelines for social distancing and sanitation to the best of our ability.

In order to resume public worship services in a safe and orderly fashion, the leadership at St Peter has resumed public worship services. Sunday School and Bible Class will resume at a later date.

In order to maintain social distancing we will temporarily have two services. One at 9 a.m. and one at 10:30 a.m. The maximum seating in the sanctuary for these services will be 50 people. Please let the church office know which service you would like to attend. We will try not to turn anyone away however, if the sanctuary seating is taken, you may be asked to sit in another room in order to maintain proper social distancing.

These modified services will continue until mid July when the Congregation Voter's Assembly will revisit the situation and make their recommendations. 

If you do not feel comfortable returning to worship at this time or if you are ill, please continue to worship from home. Our services will continue online with Facebook Live on our Youth Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/St-Peter-Lutheran-Youth-and-Childrens-Ministry-Bowie-Texas-269796823597/ and after the service, the video will be posted as well as an audio recording under the “sermons” tab on this webpage. 

Our service bulletins now contain the complete liturgy, hymns and Bible Readings. Online giving through Tithe.ly is available through the "giving" button in the top right hand corner of this webpage.

CDs and DVDs will also be available by calling the church office.

Although Sunday morning classes are still on hold, most of our weekly Bible studies have resumed. A modified Choir practice has also resumed. Check the calendar for temporarliy modified times and locations.

We look forward to resuming worship and seeing as many of you as possible!

  June 2020  
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