Printed Sermons


Although I plan to upload my sermons weekly; that may not always happen as the world intrudes on my plans at times.

Also, if I run across a sermon from a fellow pastor that I would like to share, I may add it into this list also, giving proper credit. Some of the examples and illustrations that I use in my sermons might be stories that I have read either in the news or in books. If they are copyrighted, I will give proper credit as I am able. Sometimes, due to time constraints, I will use ideas or outlines from Concordia Pulpit Resources from Concordia Publishing House. 

Often for special services (ie. Reformation, Thanksgiving etc.) I will base my sermon on one that comes with the service kit to match the theme used for that service. There will be a note at the end of the sermon identifying and giving credit in these sermons.

On a final note, (at least so far), if you attend church on the Sunday that the sermon is listed to be from, there are times where I will change examples, the way I say things or sometimes even the entire service itself. I am not bound by a "script" and if the Holy Spirit so moves, I will change parts or even all of the sermon. I write the sermon in order to develop my thoughts and to assist in my study and I print a copy of the sermon mainly so that in the event of an emergency it can be read by an Elder or another lay reader during the service.

Unless otherwise noted, Scriptural quotations are taken from the English Standard Version: Copyright 2001 by Crossway,  a publishing ministry of Good News Publishers.