Greetings in the name of God our Father and from our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

What a wonderful day it was last Sunday. Confirmation Sunday! We had a good day hearing the confirmands make their confirmation of faith, the faith that they received at their baptism, a gift of the Holy Spirit and recited again in the words of the Apostles Creed. To hear faith in Christ proclaimed in our hearing is always wonderful.

Last week, we lost a faithful Christian as Wes Hirsch passed through this veil of tears and into the Church Triumphant. Although we mourn because we have lost a beloved brother in Christ, we know that he is with his Savior in heaven.

As I waited with Caroline at the hospital last Wednesday, I received a text asking if I could baptize someone that afternoon. I replied that I could. Although sad, God lifted me up as He used me in the baptism of four people that afternoon.

One soul had been welcomed into heaven and four more came into God’s Kingdom through Holy Baptism as they were washed clean of their sins and given the gift of the Holy Spirit.

We took a little break after Church on Sunday and went to visit our daughter Nena in New Mexico. On Monday we took a trip to Roswell to look around and see some of the sights. I could not believe how the city has embraced the “Area 51” experience. Every restaurant, hotel, school, even Coke machines were alien-themed.

There was a Visitor’s center to direct you to all of the alien sights and a museum dedicated to proving that the alien crash in Area 51 was real. Hundreds of hours and probably hundreds of thousands of dollars have been spent trying to prove that the crash really happened. Out of all of the sights that I remember about Roswell, I don’t remember anything about the local Christian churches. They may have been there but I didn’t see any active signs of Christian activity, only signs of supposed alien activity.

The world speaks about faith and being “faithful” but it seems like Christians in the modern world always put their faith in the back seat rather than letting our Gospel light, shine forth. Like the old Sunday School song warned us not to do, we tend to “hide it under a bushel”.

How bright is our Gospel light shining in Bowie? What is the first thing a tourist would notice in our town or area? Trade days? A big Bowie knife? Mexican food? You look around and tell me…and then start thinking of ways for the light of Christ to shine forth. Not just on Sunday mornings, but every day!

God’s continued blessings to you and yours as we approach Pentecost.

Pastor K



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